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"Hello, my name is Camille Quentin,
I have 8 years of design experiences
at startups in Paris and San Francisco.
Worked on a variety of projects in web design,
fashion, graphism, visual design for international companies 
to help users all around the world.

I always be a passionate designer my all life:

After two years of study in China and one year in Paris at the ESMOD International fashion school, I worked as a fashion designer at Solène Martin, a french ready-to-wear brand, then as a textile and print designer at Tendances AMC, a french print company. I worked for MOA, a ready-to-wear and accessories company, as an accessories designer. I then wanted to enrich my skills by working as a sales advisor in the luxury sector at Printemps for the clothing brand Grace & Mila and also at a children ready to wear boutique, IKKS Junior in Paris. For my first experience in the US, I worked as a visual designer at MACY’S in San Francisco. These 8 years of experiences taught me to surpass myself, learning new skills and renewing myself in my daily work.

3 years ago, I embarked on the adventure of entrepreneurship

by creating my own fashion brand: Camille Quentin.

After a time, developing my own website for my brand,

I fall in love with web design and wanted to develop deeper this skill. I decided to do the UX certificate online by Google and succeed it.

In my job, I value problem-solving, collaboration, proactivity, transparency, outcomes, boldness. I work on end-to-end product design, from the early stages of the discovery to the late stages

of the delivery, aiming to build the best website interface to empower people at scale, using my research and creativity skills.


Passionate about art, fashion and web design, I'm looking for a new experience as a UX or UI designer in San Francisco, California or remotely, in a great environment of work, to use

my design skills and be able to help users all around the world.


UX & UI Design
Print & Graphism
Fashion Design
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